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"Descend into a realm of opulence and wealth. Arabian Nights will bewitch and seduce you at once, with sensual Oud immersed in Saffron, White Rose and Amber. Your magic carpet awaits."

The Glasshouse Fragrances Arabian Nights limited edition is back and better than ever! Read our in-depth review below to find out our opinions on this one before you buy. We'll discuss packaging, aesthetics, scent, scent strength and burn so you'll know the ins and outs before investing in this fragrance. 

Overall, this scented candle is strong and abundant. It's presence is known; made from Oud, Saffron, White Rose and Amber, it cultivates a seductive and alluring fragrance. The scent is not soft or 'girly' and would suit any interior where you want to create a feeling of relaxation, positivity or romance. Great to burn while meditating or doing relaxing activities such as getting a facial, massage or doing yoga. 



Just like all the Glasshouse range, this candle comes in the signature Glasshouse Fragrances cardboard box, this one themed with black and gold- very alluring indeed! More than that, the box also protects the glass vessel while in transit with protective cardboard on the inside. The last time Arabian nights was released, however, the packaging was a lot more 'out there' with a funky black and gold constellation pattern on both packaging and vessel, sadly this time they have chosen to go much more simpler. 

Our rating: ★★★




The Vessel itself is again the signature Glasshouse Fragrances vessel, round in shape, transparent glass and featuring their one-of-a-kind lid. The little cardboard label that drapes off the lid with a gold ribbon contains the size of the candle and the fragrance, it's a great idea so that the vessel itself is left clean, minimal and elegant looking. Designed to suit any interior, this vessel is simple, on the 'plain' side. The last Arabian Nights Vessel was boldly gold and black, striking and really suited the fragrance itself. This vessel is no different to that of other Glasshouse candles and we believe it could use a bolder stance so as to create the presence of the 'limited edition.' Sadly, we don't love how they have chosen to give this one a plain vessel, the black and gold vessel of the previous limited edition have truly made the candle stand out from the crowd in any room or space. 

Our rating: 






This candle is highly unique and different. There aren't many on the market that use this combination of fragrances. On the top you will smell Saffron and Olibanum. 
Through the middle are notes of  White Rose and Jasmine and the base contains Agarwood, Sandalwood and Amber. Wow, what an amalgamation!

Our rating: 




The strength on this one was a pleasant surprise once burned. It wasn't overpowering but made itself known. Taking about 45 minutes to first fill the room, once it was well on it's way, the smell lingered throughout the whole space. In the small office space, it was quite powerful. Through the whole home, however, it was more subtle in the way it lingered through. 

Our rating: 




For a candle of its size, you can get 80 hours of burn time. It is double wicked, and given it's large size it creates a nice, even burn throughout the candle. Like we have said in all other Glasshouse reviews so far, if the wicks were spaced out a little more that may have been better, the wicks of each Glasshouse Candle we have reviews so far have been a little too close together.  

Our rating: 



Overall, a unique and sophisticated candle.

Will suit: Romancers, dreamers, relaxers. 

Best part? This is a LIMITED EDITION scent as introduced by Glasshouse Fragrances!

Get yours at Scentiments today! 




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