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In our next review, we will be looking at a popular fragrance by Aquiesse, the "French Oak Currant." This scent is well-known and adored by Aquiesse lovers and is available in a Reed Diffuser, Candle, Candle Tin and Travel Tin.  In this review, we're going to be looking specifically at the Candle Tin version of this fragrance and give you our ratings on the most important aspects of the candle. We've tried and tested this one to make sure it is up to 'Scentiments-scratch.' Read below to have a look at our findings.. 



The Aquiesse candle tin is more than meets the eye. On the outside it looks like a simple candle tin, designed beautifully and with an ordinary lid. But, that is where you're wrong! The Aquiesse lid works as both a coaster for the candle, AND houses a little compartment which contains a set of Aquiesse branded matches! Amazing! We were definitely surprised to make this discovery and thought it was just too darn brilliant. This is innovation that has a 'wow' factor about it. You could recycle this tin once the candle has finished and use it as a nifty storage jar as well, what a bonus! 

Our rating: ★★




Overall, this scent is soothing, calming and soft. It is not overpowering and light in nature. Again, it is a great background scent. It won't overcrowd the room or space, yet leaves a nice, lingering fruity smell in the atmosphere. 

Our rating: ★★★




For a candle of its size, you can get 100 hours of burn time which is fantastic!! The tin is double walled and so the candle doesn't get hot to touch either which is great. It burns evenly and well. The size of the tin and the use of a single wick by Aquiesse just goes together perfectly. 

Our rating: ★★★


Overall, a beautiful and high quality Aquiesse candle.

Will suit: Anyone who loves a nice, citrus scent.

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