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This week we will be taking a breezy look into the Ocean Flowers Scented Candle by Cloud 9 Fragrances. This scent is soft, soothing, relaxing and has the ability to tie in well with any season, person (boy or girl, young or old) and interior. It is breezy and reminiscent of an ocean escape, sans the saltiness! 


    Read our in-depth review below to find out our opinions on this one before you buy. We'll discuss aesthetics, scent, scent strength and burn so you'll know the ins and outs before investing in this fragrance. 



    Overall, Cloud 9 have done a great job with this handmade scented candle. The smell that emits itself is highly unique and classy. It could be compared to a nice perfume or cologne, with undertones of nature, blossoms and of course, the ocean. This one truly is a candle you can't get enough of!



    The Vessel itself is a glass round jar, typical of the Cloud 9 Fragrances 'Jar Collection.' Having two ranges, Cloud 9 is able to cater for those who prefer a simple look through their 'Classic Collection' and those who like a colour POP with the 'Jar Collection.' Each fragrance in the Jar Collection is assigned a unique colour, specific to the fragrance- we notice that this makes the Cloud 9 candles look very attractive when displayed on any shelf or display. This candle in particular, features an attractive teal label, to match the theme of the ocean. The colour chosen is reflective of the fragrance and exudes vibrance. 

    Our rating: ★★




    When you first hold this candle upto your nose it smells STRONG and almost slightly seductive. For me personally it reminded me of my favourite mens cologne and I couldn't wait to burn it! On first burn, within 10 minutes it was apparent the candle was burning, and the room was filled with this beautiful mix of scents.

    Our rating: 




    The strength on this one was a pleasant surprise once burned. At first you wonder if the burn will be as strong as the candle when you smell the wax- and it is! It definitely made itself known. Once it was well on it's way, the smell lingered throughout my whole space, but wasn't overbearing. 

    Our rating: 




    For a candle of its size, you can get 60 hours of burn time. Note: A trim of the wick is absolutely dire here, or you will not get an even burn, as you can see from this photo. 

    Our rating: 



    Overall, a beautiful and high-quality candle.

    Will suit: ANYONE!

    Best part? Scent strength

    Get yours at Scentiments today! 


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