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Choosing the right scented candle can be tricky if you don't quite know what you're looking for, or heard what other people have had to say about it. This is especially true if the candle is new in the range, or a limited edition, such as this Ecoya one. Sadly, when purchasing scented candles you don't have the option to "try before you buy." On the outside, the candle may look aesthetically pleasing; but is it of quality? It may smell perfect when you hold it up to your nose- but is it long-lasting? These are things we want you to be able to read about before making that purchase. You can trust our opinion as we know fragrances and scents. We have a due diligence to both ourselves, and you (our customers), to be extra picky before choosing the right ones to stock at Scentiments.

So, what do we have to say about the limited edition Ecoya Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf Scented Candle? Find out below! 


This candle is delivered in a simplistic designed signature Ecoya cardboard box. The dark pink is attractive, and a very on-trend colour at the moment, so it catches the eye. The box also protects the glass vessel while in transit with protective cardboard on the inside. This box is simple, with a great colour choice to suit the fragrance notes as well as the Ecoya branding.

Our rating: 




The Vessel itself is again simplistic and minimal. The vessel is much like the other Ecoya candles, plain and cream in colour with the ECOYA logo unapologetically at the bottom. This vessel will suit busy interiors as they can dial them back a notch, adding something simple and elegant. Likewise, it will also suit modern, classy and minimalist interiors as it will fit right in with the decor. Our only suggestion would be that being a limited edition, the vessel contained something a little different to exemplify this. 

Our rating: 




Overall, this scent is a great "background" scent, subtle in nature and needing a bit of burn time to make it's way through the home. When you hold this candle to your nose before burning, it smells sweet and delectable, and you get this feeling where you can't wait to burn it. It isn't overly strong, however, but will suit home or offices (or shops) where you want to keep something burning all day that won't drive you insane, give you a headache or be too overpowering. The scent lingers around, but is very light. 

Our rating: ★★




For a candle of its size, you can get 80 hours of burn time which is excellent and great value. It is single wicked, however, and given it's large size, an uneven burn can occur. This can be combated by trimming your wick after every use and extinguishing and relighting the candle every 2 hours. Our recommendation would be for Ecoya to implement a double wick for a candle of this size (400g)

Our rating: 


Overall, a beautiful and high quality Ecoya candle.

Will suit: Females and fans of 'Sweet' or 'Floral' fragrances

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