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In our next review, we will be looking at a BRAND new edition to the Glasshouse Fragrances family... The Hamptons  - Teak & Petitgrain Scented Candle

This one is completely new and fresh to the scene at Glasshouse and we are SO excited to be able to be one of the first to test and review this marvellous fragrance. 

So, what was the inspiration for the new fragrance? According to the guys at Glasshouse, they wanted to introduce a fragrance that will feel like a vacation home, by the sea! And where else can you get the best of this other than...The Hamptons!

So, what do we have to say about the BRAND NEW The Hamptons - Teak & Petitgrain Scented Candle? Find out below! 


Overall, it is a high-quality soy candle, as is all the Glasshouse Collection, and the best part is this new fragrance is very 'unisex' which is rare to find in a candle. The scent could suit anyone and has a tough, outdoor vibe to it. It's light, with the ability to drift through the home evoking a soft, subtle theme that isn't too overpowering. It is best burned in the centre of a room where the smell can drift equally and evenly around your space. 


This candle comes in the signature Glasshouse Fragrances cardboard box, which is baby blue and gold; simple yet attractive. More than that, the box also protects the glass vessel while in transit with protective cardboard on the inside. This box is designed beautifully and elegantly. It is a little plain for a brand new fragrance to the mix- perhaps a design or pattern would have helped it stand out from the crowd. However, we also see that Glasshouse usually saves the 'out of the ordinary' cardboard box designs for their 'limited editions.'

Our rating: 




The Vessel itself is again the signature Glasshouse Fragrances vessel, round in shape, transparent glass and featuring their one-of-a-kind lid. The little cardboard label that drapes off the lid with a gold ribbon contains the size of the candle and the flavour, it's a great idea so that the vessel itself is left clean, minimal and elegant looking. Designed to suit any interior, this vessel is simple, on the 'plain' side, and much like the other Glasshouse vessels, no change here.

Our rating: 




Glasshouse Fragrances claim that this scent is the 'ideal fragrance to bring a unique sense of seaside elegance to any occasion....' After burning this one around our home and office, we've realised it not only has the ability to bring the seaside to any space, but also the outdoors! It has a rich flavour of teak, that makes you feel as though you're outside amongst the freshest air. The best part about this one is that it could suit any weather season, it's got an element of everything and has the ability to become a great background scent, evoking a rich and elegant fragrance throughout your home that feels like it 'belongs' there. 

Our rating: 




The strength on this one was a pleasant surprise once burned. It was soft, woody and alluring. Taking about 45 minutes to first fill the room, once it was well on it's way, the smell lingered throughout the whole space, but wasn't overpowering. When you left the room and came back, however, then you really noticed the smell and knew it was working well. 

Our rating: 



For a candle of its size, you can get 80 hours of burn time. It is double wicked, given it's large size, and that creates a nice, even burn throughout the candle. If the wicks were perhaps spaced out a little more that may have been better. The candle didn't burn as well as we hoped in the first 2 hours, but once the wicks were trimmed the burn was a little more full. 

Our rating: 



Overall, an elegant and high quality candle.

Will suit: ANYONE!

Best part? This is a BRAND NEW scent as introduced by Glasshouse Fragrances!

Get yours at Scentiments today! 


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