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For this in depth candle review we've chosen to have a look at the WoodWick Bakery Cupcake scented candle. Giving 100 hours of burn time, the smooth and elegant hour-glass shaped vessel sure knows how to please! 

When purchasing scented candles you don't have the option to "try before you buy." That's why we are trialling this one on your behalf and will cover crucial elements such as aesthetics, scent strength and burn- so that you are 100% positive you are investing in a good quality candle. 



Read each segment below to see what our thoughts have been on this one: 



WoodWick candles don't come in any sort of outer packaging. This can be seen as a waste of cardboard on the environment because most people bin their candle boxes anyway, however for protection purposes, it would be handy such as giving as a gift and for gift wrapping (which I experienced myself personally just this weekend- the shape makes them hard to gift wrap!). However, the beauty of a candle such as this should not be hidden behind a box and seeing them on a shelf the way they are makes them very attractive to the eye, so I can see why WoodWick decided to go against the packaging path.

Our rating: N/A



This candle comes in a glass vessel that is shaped uniquely (like an hourglass). It is simple, elegant and absolutely stunning. A wooden lid to match, the candle is perfect for classy interiors and spaces. The clear glass allows you to see the colour of the wax within the candle and the soft yellow colour makes this candle very calming and simple, with the ability to suit any kind of interior. The candle is complete with a simple square label which isn't overcrowded with words and the wooden lid is the perfect finish (both matching the brand name and the wooden wick). 

Our rating: 




When you first lift the lid off the top of this candle, you will smell a soft, cookie-dough-like type of fragrance (not good if you are hungry!). It's light, and enough to make you want to pick it up and keep smelling it. Notes of vanilla come through, as well as the smell of freshly baked cookies or cupcakes. This scent is especially good for the colder, cozier months. It's a great way to re-create the smell of freshly baked goods (especially if you are selling your home and want to create an inviting experience for potential buyers!)

Our rating: 



I've been burning this candle consistently for 3 days now, so that I can judge the scent strength well. Initially, the scent was minimal and very subtle. After 45 minutes the scent started to fill the room. On the first night I kept it burning for around 4 hours. The next morning when I walked into the living room I thought "what is that strong smell of vanilla I can smell?" Then I realised it was the candle! Great scent strength. 

Our rating: ★★




Burn time on these candles is a whopping 100 hours for their size. They burn slow, evenly and have patented wooden wicks that CRACKLE as they burn. As the brand says "fragrance never sounded so good" and it's true! These candles are really one of a kind in the way they burn and I am a HUGE fan! The crackle isn't subtle and can really be heard (even through conversation). The downside is the crackle can sometimes be too loud for some. As a friend of mine stated "why is your candle making that noise!!?"

Our rating: 



Overall, a unique vessel, one of a kind wooden crackling wick and high quality fragrance that emits a beautiful scent. Will not suit those who do not like sweet-treats (if there is such a thing!).

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