To get the most out of your candles and burn them safely, care must be taken to burn the candle correctly.

Burn your candle one hour for every two centimetres of its diameter the first time you light it. This will allow the pool of wax to extend to the outside rim and prevent your candle from forming a ‘canyon' in its centre. Burning your candle this way will also set its memory. Each time you re-light your candle it will remember to burn out to the rim.

Trim the wick of any candle- pillar, jar, tin, taper or votive- to half a centimetre every time you light your candle. This will ensure clean, smoke free burning. Be sure to remove any wick debris that has fallen into the candle.

If your candle is still smoking, and you have trimmed the wick to half a centimetre, extinguish the candle immediately. Trim the wick just a bit more and the smoking will stop. If you have bought a superior quality candle, you shouldn't have problems with smoking. Fine quality candles are virtually smokeless. In addition, scented candles will smoke more than unscented candles. Therefore, the scent in the candle needs to be of the highest quality as well.

The most effective way to extinguish the flame of a candle is to use a candle snuffer. The snuffer helps prevent the wax from spraying onto your wall or furnishings and will keep the wick centered as well.

To guard your candles against fading, avoid placing them in direct sunlight.

Store your candles in a cool, dry place.

Burn and enjoy your candle until it reaches two centimetres from the bottom. Once it has reached this height it is time to discard the candle. You can place the remaining wax in an oil burner to maximise your purchase.

Always burn your candles in a heat resistant holder or base. This will prevent any candle color or fragrance oil from harming the surface it is placed upon.


While all of the above ideas offer suggestions to enhance your candlelight experience, the following advice includes absolute musts. We strongly recommend you following these important steps for using your candles safely.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Always keep candles out of reach of children and pets.

Always light candles in draft free areas, to prevent dripping and smoking.

Always keep burning candles away from flammable objects and furnishings.

Remember to remove the labels on your candles before you light them.

From those of you who live by candlelight every single day of the year, we hope the lessons we have learned about candle care will be helpful for you. As we discover more secrets to the art of burning candles, we will continue to pass them along to you.

With that, a big welcome to the wonderful world of candlelight. If there is any other information that we can help you out with, please feel free to ask us.

The team at Scentiments