J Baby Aroma Reeds

Jaye Niemi

$59.95 $44.95

A soft, subtle fragrance with soothing and balancing essential oils to assist in creating a calm, peaceful ambience for mothers and new arrivals. Lavender Mt Blanc, Rose Geranium and precious Roman Chamomile (long used to help settle newborns) are lifted gently with oils of Bergamot & Mandarin and drawn together with the ancient oil of Frankincense. The scent level has been carefully developed so as not to overpower the sensitive noses of babies yet offering the olfactory gland just enough fragrance to achieve the desired results. A simple, stylish method of introducing natural fragrances to nurseries, birth suites and children's rooms. Specially prepared reeds act as wicks, absorbing and releasing the artful blend of exquisite fragrances gradually into your environment.

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