Monterey Pine Scented Candle



A fresh and earthy composition of cypress and pine that invoke an invigorating walk through winter forests. An inviting aroma that blends in the dark wood notes from Canadian balsam and green leaves of thyme. All layered together to invoke the pleasant memories of holidays past.

Burn Time: 100 Hours.

Aquiesse celebrate Christmas and the holidays with three classic fragrances that Aquiesse have had in their collection for many years.

The Aquiesse Christmas Collection is inspired by traditional fragrances associated with the winter season and all its historic celebrations. Each classic fragrance is enhanced to further express warmth of home, as well as holiday seasons passed and all of their hearfelt memories. The collection is designed to serve as the perfect gift for a special occasion and also as a keepsake and personal indulgence that customers will cherish in their homes.

AQUIESSE Christmas Candle Collection uses a proprietary soy wax blend, having taken years to perfect, provides the perfect canvas for their artistic fragrance creations. Made with organic soybean oil and carefully selected lead-free wicks, AQUIESSE Christmas candles are unsurpassed in burn quality and fragrance performance.

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